A little bit about me.

My name is Jibran A. and I am a Wedding Photographer in New Jersey. You'll typically find me traveling, enjoying great food, working on photography outdoors or out with friends. I love history, classical music, planes and interior designing. When I'm home with my wife, we love watching National Geographic, HG TV, Food Network and Travel channel. Some of my favorite singers and musicians include, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Eric Clapton and David Foster. 

A Tailored Experience.

I always wanted to share my passion for photography with everyone. When I started my photography business, I decided that I would involve each client in the whole process. Each session is tailored to your needs. I cater to all kinds of different groups, from high school students to newly engaged couples to soccer moms.

Why Choose Me?

Unlike other photographers, I give the high resolution files to the client so they can get them printed where ever and when ever they want. You pay for the session, you should keep the files too. If you check out my prices and my work, you will realize that I offer Nordstrom quality at Walmart prices. All talk, no action does not suit everyone, that’s why I have my prices and my work to back me up. I've been in the business for over 4 years but I feel my work is just as good, if not better than some of the guys who have been doing this for 10+ years.

Pros vs Amateurs 

There are plenty of amateur photographers out there claiming to be pros. Keep in mind there is a HUGE difference between a "DSLR owner" and a "pro photographer". A DSLR owner is someone who buys a cheap $800 camera and a cheap $200 lens and assumes he/she is now a photographer and can charge for their mediocre work. A full time pro photographer not only owns all the pro equipment (including backup cameras/lenses/flashes) but also understands composition, exposure, lighting, posing and the art of candid shots. Anyone can steal pictures to post on their website to get business but a real pro will always show you high quality prints/albums when you meet in person. Those pictures should match the work you see on his/her website as a proof that the pictures are not stolen to get the business. That is how you know you're dealing with a real professional, not some teacher or an accountant who enjoys photography and likes to make extra cash on a side using consumer grade equipment.

Let's get in Touch.  

I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. Before any custom designed package, I meet with my client one on one to discuss their needs and better understand their style. If you have any question please e-mail me at Jerseyphotographers@yahoo.com or you can call me at 732-910-4933. If you're inquiring regarding an event photography, please include the date, time and location of the event along with your phone number.



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